AI Video Creator

AI Video Creator

AI Video Creator is THE all in one software tool for video creation.

Now anyone can create motion graphics videos, with professional voice-overs, in seconds!

The type of videos that cost thousands to create is now just a few clicks away!

Now here’s how it works…

  • Step 1 – Customize your video – with 9 royalty-free backing tracks, 11 background images & 12 fonts…
  • Step 2 – Choose Your Money Making Method & Niche – we’ve preloaded AI Video with 10 of the top moneymaking niches and methods, from eCommerce & YouTube PPC to list-building & retargeting, from YouTube PPC campaigns & Local marketing videos to JVZoo & ClickBank niches – like Make Money & dieting…
  • Step 3 – Done For You Template Slides & Scripts – we’ve pre-written over 500 template lines for every niche! It’s “done for you” sales copywriting… without the $10k price tag!
  • Step 4 –Done For You REAL Voice Overs – next a professional UK voice-over artist reads EVERY line of these million-dollar scripts. So for each line you choose, you get 3 REAL recordings to choose from…
  • Step 5 –Tweak your slides & render – this is where our new motion-graphics, video editing engine comes in. Add images and videos to each slide… Choose from 10 motion graphics animations… Reorder slides… Change text and background colors… edit the slide text. Basically everything you need to turn your 60-second video… into a fully customized campaign!

And that’s it! Now you can use these videos to dominate YouTube and Facebook, create VSLs, make videos for clients, and more!

AI Video Creator combines 500 done for you scripts and 1500 done for you voice-over recordings inside ONE motion graphics animator, video creation software.

And, even if your list is general “Facebook”, or “SEO” or “IM” or “JVZoo”, they will still want in on this.

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